Need Money For 2021 Sell Used Appliances Near You For Cash

Need Money For 2021 Sell Used Appliances Near You For Cash

Getting rid of used appliances is something all of us have to do at some point or the other. And there’re at least 20 best places to sell used appliances for cash near you, should the need arise. In fact, this is a complete guide on how to sell used appliances in 2021 and get good money.

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Reasons Why People Sell Used Appliances

There’re various reasons we need to dispose old appliances.

The main reason: when we buy the latest ones because the older appliance no longer serves our need. The second: there’s no point in lugging old appliances along while relocating to another city. And third but compelling: when we desperately need cash for some emergency, and have no other means to get money other than selling some belongings.

At the same time, there’re quite a few people that buy and sell used appliances for cash as main source of income or a side gig. In fact, this is a very profitable business because there’re always individuals and households that look for used appliances that’re in excellent working condition and the price suits their budget.

Then we have another category of people that sell used appliances to make a lot of money. They sell used appliances that’re of antique value and aren’t in production anymore.

However, such vintage appliances are in great demand among collectors as long as they’re in superb condition and working.

Tips & Tweaks to Sell Used Appliances

Maybe you’re among those who come in any of the above category of people that wish to sell used appliances for cash.

While there’re 20 best places to sell this used stuff, there’re some tips and tweaks you’ll need to follow to get the best possible price. Else, these used appliances would be worth their price as scrap only.

Therefore, here’re some simple tips and tweaks you could use to sell used appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, washers and dryers and other items.

1. Repair Snags and Problems

Obviously, nobody wants to buy a white elephant or a used appliance that’s going to cost a lot to repair. Every buyer would expect an appliance that performs as though it’s brand new and just come from a showroom.

Therefore, the first and most important tip is to check your used appliances for snags and problems. Even the smallest issue in the appliance can cause a severe price drop and fetch you a small price. Or worse, you might not even be able to sell it.

Take the assistance of a good technician to look for snags and problems in the used appliance and get them repaired before selling. This could help you fetch a better price while covering the cost of repairs.

Furthermore, you won’t have the buyer call you frequently to complain about selling something that doesn’t work properly. And maybe, you can avoid a lawsuit for palming off a faulty appliance.

2. Get User Manuals Ready

User manuals are something that buyers of used appliances look for. If you’re one of those persons that maintains these manuals, things are easier. If not, you could request the manufacturer to send you a copy.

Generally, most manufacturers will comply with your request if they have copies to send. You might have to pay for the postage to get these user manuals.

In case you no longer have these user manuals, look for downloadable copies on the Internet. Websites of manufacturers and some blogs provide copies of these manuals in PDF format.

You could download and print them before selling the used appliance. Providing the user manual attracts more customers. Because, not everyone knows how to use various appliances and your buyer could be a first-time user.

3. Check Warranty Cards & Invoices

Along with user manuals, it’s also better to provide the warranty card and invoice of the used appliance you wish to sell. There’s no problem if the warranty has expired long ago and the invoice was issued several years back.

The warranty card and invoice play a major role in deciding the price of the used appliance. They will bear the date on which you bought the appliance.

It would also enable a buyer to track history of services and repairs if any, during the warranty period. Above all, the warranty card and invoice indicate that you’re the first owner of the appliance and aren’t selling something that’s exchanged hands several times.

In some cases and if the used appliance isn’t very old, you might be able to recover a copy of the warranty card and the receipt from the dealer or online store where you bought the appliance.

Amazon, for example, allows you to download and print an invoice if you can find purchase in your order history.

4. Clean the Used Appliance

When an old appliance is lying unused for long, insects or even rodents and reptiles can creep in to dwell. There could be mold on some parts of the appliance. Dust and weather leaves stains on the appliance. And some parts could look rusty.

Would you buy any used appliance if it appears as though it’s come straight from the junkyard? Surely not. Therefore, it’s wrong to expect any customer to buy any used appliance that looks shabby and ill-maintained.

Therefore, exert some effort to clean the used appliance and make it look as close to spanking new. You could do this in your spare time. Generally, household cleaners will be sufficient for this task.

Clean the used appliance thoroughly. As I mention earlier, a buyer will expect the used appliance looks as good as new. And this tip can help you swing a buyer’s opinion in your favor.

5. Get a Price Estimate

Get a price estimate before you set out to sell the used appliance. That would help know how much money you can get from the sale. Getting an estimated price your used appliance would fetch is fairly simple.

Search classified ads to find used appliances that’re similar to the ones you wish to sell. Though you might not get an exact match, such research would help you get a fair idea of the price that similar stuff fetches in the market.

You can also look for trade-in deals and discounts online or offline sellers offer when you exchange your used appliances for new ones.

The most important point here: you’ll have to include the money you’ve spent on repairs in the final price. This means, you cannot charge separately for the used appliance and expenses on repairs. Instead, you’ll have to provide a combined price that matches the ones for similar stuff in the market.

Preparing to Sell Used Appliances

Preparing to sell used appliances is the next and obvious step after following the above tips and tweaks. This depends on how and where you wish to sell the stuff: online or offline. Here I will write about some ways to prepare to sell used appliances.

Step 1: Take Superb Pictures

As the old saying goes: “Seeing is believing.” Take some superb pictures of the used appliances with your smartphone or a camera. These would prove very useful regardless whether you wish to sell online or offline.

For online sale, you’ll need to post these pictures on a website. And for offline sales, such pictures should be available for prospective customers to view at a location of their choice.

Step 2: Write Clear, Honest Description

Writing a clear and honest description means mentioning all details of the used appliance such as brand or manufacturer, country of origin, year of make, date of purchase, model number, features, working condition and whether you’re the first owner.

You could also mention the price you paid if you’d bought it new. This helps buyer realize they’re getting a good value for their money.

Step 3: Get Contact Details Ready

Another important thing: get contact details ready, regardless whether you’ll sell offline or online. To do so, I would recommend you create a temporary email ID and if possible, also a spare mobile number that you rarely use.

Obviously, you wouldn’t like to get spam email or calls. And nor would you like to get emails or calls after you sell the used appliances.

Often, offline and online ads are available long after you sell the stuff. Hence, you might continue to get calls even after concluding a sale. Avoid this by using temporary email and phone number.

Step 4: Venue for Inspection

Decide the place where people could come to inspect the used appliance you’re selling. In most cases, it would be your home. But you could use your garage or any other location that wouldn’t cause disturbance to yourself and family.

At the same time, the venue for inspection has to be easily accessible for would-be buyers too. Therefore, if you’re living in some remote area, it would be advisable to find someplace such as a friend’s or relative’s home to display the appliance for inspection.

Step 5: Time for Buyers

One of the flipsides of selling used appliances: you will get a lot of dealers also coming to inspect the stuff alongside genuine buyers. And dealers will obviously quote a smaller price for your used appliance because they would be reselling it.

Individual or household buyers will bargain only to be able to afford the price. Therefore, you need to be very careful to allot time for inspecting the stuff.

You can’t have dealers and household buyers all crowd at your venue at the same time because it could lead to confusion. If one quotes a lower rate, it will lure others to do the same.


20 Best Places to Sell Used Appliances in 2021

Upon taking the above steps, it’s easier to sell used appliances. In 2021, here’re some of the best places where you could sell used appliances and get a fair price. Generally, most sellers use more than one ways to reach potential buyers.

You could try any of these.

1. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace allows you to sell used appliances. It’s very simple to post an ad for free on Facebook Marketplace. Generally, all ads on Facebook Marketplace are seen within an area of 100 or within your locality.

This makes it easier for people nearby to view your stuff and contact you. They can also choose to buy without inspecting these appliances.

2. Craigslist

You can post a classified ad for free on Craigslist. To do so, sign-up on Craigslist to create an account. Your email would be enough for this. Post pictures of the used appliances and the superb description as I mention above.

Also provide price and contact details, venue and timings for people to inspect these appliances. You could attract buyers from your vicinity or even far off places. A lot of dealers of used appliances also scout Craigslist to find excellent bargains for resale.

3. Amazon Renewed

After grappling with the question of selling used goods for several years, Amazon, the world’s largest online store now offers the service of selling used appliances. The service is known as Amazon Renewed. Selling used appliances on Amazon Renewed isn’t a cakewalk.

Amazon demands that all products that sellers offer through the Amazon Renewed platform meet their strict quality standards. That means, you can’t just sell any junk on Amazon Renewed. Sign-up as seller on Amazon Renewed and agree to their terms and conditions to sell used appliances.

4. OLX

OLX is a company based in the Netherlands. It operates an eponymous website that specializes in free classifieds ads for sellers. And they also have a premium or paid version which allows you to ‘boost’ the ad to reach more visitors to their website.

The good news is that OLX operates worldwide including in the US. Create your own OLX seller account and upload pictures with description of the used appliances.

Mention your price. Generally, all buyers on OLX will be from your area. Hence, they would most likely inspect the stuff and bargain before buying.

5. Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards offer the best way to advertise and sell used appliances offline. You’ll find such bulletin boards for public at community centers, churches and shrines, gyms and clubs, laundromats, coffee shops, bars, waiting rooms and a few neighborhood stores and supermarkets.

Sometimes, you may have to pay a small fee to pin up your ad for used appliances on these bulletin boards while others offer the service free.

Create a small poster on A4 size paper with pictures of the appliances, descriptions, expected price and contact details to pin up on bulletin boards. This is one of the surest ways to get customers if you’re looking at selling things fast.

6. Charities

Some charities allow you to keep household appliances on their premises for sale, if you pledge to donate a portion of the money you get. Though you can expect to get a lower price since part of the money will go for a donation, you could serve a worthy cause by selling through a charity.

After all, you’ll be using their premises and possibly, services of their volunteers too for selling the stuff while you’re busy. You could enquire with any nearby charity, including the Salvation Army for selling used appliances in this manner.

7. Garage Sale

Another superb, time-tested and proven way to sell used appliances offline is by garage sale. However, use this method only if you have a lot of used appliances to sell.

In such cases, it’s also possible to sell on “As Is” basis, because visitors to your sale will have a firsthand look at the stuff and can learn about snags and defects if any.

You really won’t lose much money because there’s no need to repair or refurbish these appliances if you offer them for sale on ‘As Is’ basis. And buyers will cart away the appliances by making own arrangements.

8. 5Miles

5Miles is an app that you can download on any Android based smartphone or iPhone. It’s very simple to use and especially useful if you’re going to sell used appliances frequently. Download the app and register.

It has a feature that allows you to take pictures and upload them instantly on 5Miles. All you need to do is write a small and superb description, mention the price and your contact details for buyers to view.

You can sell anything for used smartphones to household electronics and home appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, electric stoves, washers and dryers etc.

9. LetGo

LetGo is also an app that operates in several countries, including America. It’s available for Android phones and iPhones. You don’t need to create a special account to sign-up on LetGo.

Instead, simply login with your Facebook account. You can upload pictures from the feature by using the mobile phone camera or those you’ve taken earlier. A good description with price, location and contact details should help attract customers.

10. Mercari

Mercari makes it easier for you to sell used appliances from the comfort of your home. Mercari also operates as an app. This app is very useful if you’re in a hurry to sell your used appliances for any reason.

The app serves as a meeting point for sellers and buyers. Take or upload pictures and description with price and other details. The app is very simple to use and it’s possible to get buyers fairly quick with this app.

11. Nearby Used Appliance Dealers

Selling used appliances to nearby dealers is also a superb way to sell, if you’re looking for making money quickly. However, you might not always get the price you want for these appliances.

At the same time, selling to used appliance dealers has its own advantages: you can sell on ‘As Is’ basis without repairs or cleaning. At best, you may have to haul these appliances to dealers using own transportation. Or you can call them home to close the deal and take away the stuff.

12. Recycling Companies

To protect the environment, several recycling companies in the US and abroad buy used appliances that’re not repairable or cannot be used any longer.

They will pay a small price to ensure you don’t dispose these appliances improperly and pollute the environment. These firms recycle whatever parts of the appliances while disposing unrecyclable ones in the correct way.

They pay some money as an incentive for you to hand it over to them for proper recycling and disposal only.

13. Appliance Manufacturers

This might come as a surprise. However, lots of appliance manufacturers actually buy used stuff for various reasons. One is to cannibalize these appliances for spares that’re no longer in production.

Such spares help them to service and repair any appliances they may get from that make and model from customers. In other cases, they buy used appliance in exchange of coupons. These coupons fetch you a good discount on appliances of that brand, when you wish to buy.

14. Scrap Dealers

If your used appliance cannot be sold at all, approach some scrap dealers. Though they’ll buy the appliances as scrap and on weight and not for the function it could do, you can still get some money.

In such cases, you can get rid of some real junk appliances lying around the house, garage or basement and backyard. It’s better to sell off such used appliances fast instead of allowing their condition to degenerate over years which makes it impossible to sell.

15. Own Auctions

You can auction off your used appliances from home. All you need to do is advertise the auction in your neighborhood or on Facebook Marketplace and community boards.

People can inspect these appliances on the spot and place bids. Like in any other auction, the highest bidder gets the stuff. This is also an amazing way to sell old appliances quickly and make money fast.

16. Antique Dealers

Obviously, you can’t sell all kinds of used appliances to antique dealers. But as I mention earlier in this article, there’s quite a lot of stuff that antique dealers would be interested to buy.

These include old telephone sets, gramophones, cookers and washing machines that’re really rare and no longer available, cameras of yesteryears and so on. If you have any of such used vintage appliances of antique value, you could make a small fortune selling them.

17. Local Newspapers

Placing classified ads in local newspapers is the oldest way to sell used appliances. In fact, this is the single largest way anywhere in the world for people to sell used appliances. The reason is very simple.

A lot of newspapers offer free or inexpensive classifieds. And people looking for used stuff, including dealers, pore over these ads to find something of interest. Though newspaper ads are mainly offline, some publications also place them on online editions. This increases your chances of getting a superb price and selling quickly.

18. LinkedIn

LinkedIn doesn’t offer a marketplace or any facilities to sell anything. However, if you’re having used appliances that’re useful for offices and businesses, it’s possible to sell through LinkedIn using a roundabout way.

All LinkedIn users can create posts on their profile that’re visible to people within and outside their professional network. You could create a post that doesn’t directly sell the thing. Instead, upload pictures and the description.

Never quote the price since LinkedIn doesn’t allow selling. People that view your post can contact you through LinkedIn’s messaging feature to buy. Use LinkedIn only for appliances that’re useful for businesses and offices.

19. eBay

For more than 20 years, eBay ranks as one of the topmost places to sell used appliances of all sorts. To sell used appliances, you’ll have to create a seller account on eBay.

Check out various terms, conditions, selling fees and money transfer rates on eBay. Also, to sell on eBay you would have to agree to their Returns policy or simply state No Returns alongside your ad.

Upload pictures and the description. Mention your price and terms and conditions for shipping. In some cases, the buyer pays for shipping while in other cases, you would have to send the goods across.

20. Shopify

Opening a marketplace on Shopify is very simple too. All you require is a valid email ID and a working mobile number. There’re several subscription plans for sellers that you could choose from on Shopify.

Additionally, they also offer a free trial for limited period. Choose your plan depending on the number of used appliances you’ll sell. Similar to every other marketplace and website, upload pictures, description and price.

Also mention terms and conditions and mode of payment. Generally, most sellers on Shopify marketplaces use PayPal as their preferred mode to get the money.

Wrap Up

Before concluding, here’s a word of caution. You’ll come across lots of articles that list websites and apps to sell used appliances. Some of them aren’t legit or have closed down while a few don’t as much as deal in used appliances.

And some of these lists can misguide you to advertise used appliances on apps and websites that don’t even operate in America.

Therefore, study each app and website as well as offline resource before you settle on one or more places to sell used appliances.

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