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Big Money Ad Club

Enormous Advertising Circulations
At Unbelievable Prices!

For a one time $300 membership fee, you will receive all of the following: 1” ad to 500,000, A post-card size (4×5”) ad to 250,000 and a 8-½x11” circular to 100,000, A $750+ Value! You will receive a Free Checking Copy Of all your ads. Don’t have camera-ready ads, just write your ads down and we’ll design them for FREE. Don’t have ads to place right now? You can still join and we will send certificates for you to return with your ads at anytime. BIG MONEY AD CLUB IS NOT MLM (MULTI LEVEL MARKETING). We offer a better compensation than any MLM! Once you become a Dealer, we will fill all your membership orders for only $100, that’s right you keep $200. NOW WAIT, it gets better! Every fourth order you place is FREE! After sending in 3 Dealer orders at the $100 price, and 4th is free. That’s right you make 100% commission or $300 on every 4th order and 66% or $200 commission on every other order. It’s easy to join. Just fill out this application and return with payment and ads. We will immediately process your order and send welcome kit same day with this circular imprinted with your Name & Address (all orders comes directly to you). All you have to do is mail or advertise. In test mailings a 10% response was achieved to this opportunity.