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My name is Russell Chen. I’m the CEO and founder of multiple successful Ecommerce stores and 7 Figure Ecom Academy. I’m a divorced father with 2 beautiful kids. Not long ago I suffered a nervous breakdown, got sick, couldn’t continue working so I lost my 9-5 job. 

I was worried that I could not support my family. I was unemployed, depressed, savings almost depleted and dead broke.

Then I finally recovered after a few months and landed a 9-5 job again making peanuts which I dreaded working 50-60 hour weeks. So I took drastic action…I saw an opportunity a year and half ago to start my own online Ecommerce drop shipping store and took action right away.

Today I'm living the Stress-Free dot com lifestyle I've always dreamed about. If I can do it, you can do it too!

Without a mentor or anyone to teach me it took 6 months of extremely hard work, countless sleepless nights, learning while holding a full-time job, made big costly mistakes and tested over $250k in ad spend to finally crack the online Ecommerce drop shipping store code. The drastic action has brought me to where I'm today.

Financial freedom, more time to spend with my familytravel, enjoying the finer things in life earning 7 figure income a year working only in my spare time. Now, I wanted to give back and help the folks who dread the 9-5 rat race, folks who want financial security, to make extra income, to put their kids through college without taking out a second mortgage or retirees who want to supplement their fixed income so I’ve created a comprehensive step-by-step online course teaching folks just like you how to create a successful Ecommerce store & avoid mistakes I’ve made.

You can now Register for my FREE Special Training Report on How to Build a 7 Figure a Year Ecommerce Business by visiting our academy website:



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